Is your bulkhead showing signs of wear and tear? Don’t gamble with its integrity.

Lamulle Construction has installed hundreds of miles of bulkhead across the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast. We offer expertise in wooden, fiberglass, concrete, aluminum, and vinyl bulkheads. Your seawall or marine bulkhead is a significant long-term investment in your property’s resilience against erosion and damage. We have experience with both residential and commercial projects including golf courses.

The condition of your bulkhead directly impacts not only the stability of your property, but also the value. Whether it’s repairing, replacing, or constructing a new bulkhead, you can depend on Lamulle Construction. When assessing a job, we consider the proximity of your structures to the bulkhead, soil density, water depth, and access to the project. We offer the flexibility to construct your bulkhead from land or from the water side using our barge, ensuring adaptability to the unique requirements of your site.

We will obtain the proper permits, work with your HOA, and local agencies to ensure all requirements are met while safeguarding your waterfront property.

Contact Lamulle Construction today for reliable bulkhead solutions tailored to your needs.

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structure that stands the test of time

Welcome to Lamulle Construction, where every project reflects our commitment to superior craftsmanship and service. Since 1947, our family-owned business has been the trusted choice for marine construction and repair throughout the Mississippi and Louisiana coast.

With a legacy spanning three generations, we bring expertise and reliability to every project. As licensed heavy contractors, we specialize in crafting bespoke solutions for both residential and commercial waterfront properties.

From boathouses to piers and docks, we tailor our services to suit your unique needs and elevate your waterfront lifestyle. Discover the difference of working with Lamulle Construction – contact us to bring your vision to life today.



Lamulle Stories

client testimonials

  • Jason Alberado
    Finished product was fantastic! Solid construction that will last a lifetime. I have had 3 bulkheads/boathouses built through the years and this one built by Lamulle is the best
    Jason Alberado
  • Chris Wise
    I gave these guys a five star review 7 years ago when they built my pier and boathouse. Primarily because they were great to work with and were very professional. Now after a big hit from Ida I felt compelled to update. What can I say, my pier is perfect and my neighbors are gone. These guys know their business. Listen to them and pay the fair price they will quote. I've been thru several storms but this was a big test and EVERYTHING is perfect!! (more…)
    Chris Wise
  • Alfredo Gaudry
    The best at what they do and the most experienced. If you dont believe me check out their website and talk to any past clients
    Alfredo Gaudry