Bulkhead Repair

Bulkhead Repair: Strategies for the 2 Most Common Problems Bulkheads are a part of waterfront living. They protect your land from erosion and also give you […]

A Pier for any Storm

The fishing pier is an iconic symbol of our way of life on the Gulf coast. It is the focal point of our fishing camps, and […]

Choosing the Right Boat Lift

BOAT HOUSES At Lamulle Construction we have been installing boat lifts for decades. People comment to us that “a boat lift is a boat lift”. However, […]

How Much Does a Boathouse Cost?

“How much does a boathouse cost?” is a question we are asked daily at Lamulle Construction. There are many configurations for boathouses and many are custom […]

Building a 50 Year Bulkhead

BULKHEADS Ever since we started out, it was our goal to build structures that far exceed the expectations of our clients and last a lifetime. Typical […]

Bulkhead Repair — February Failures

BULKHEADS Bulkhead repair is one of the most difficult projects to call on. In these cases, we are thrown into the same position as an auto […]